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English Language classes

Let's Speak is one of the best institutes of English Language imparting training in Smart English, Public Speaking, Communication Skills and Personality Development. Trained staff and effective methods help you to learn or improve English very fast. Let's Speak improves your communication skills and prepares you for public speaking, client meetings, presentations and cracking interviews through practice sessions and mentoring from experts. Audio Video methodology helps candidates to remove hesitation and speak fluently. The programs cover grammar, logical thought process, vocabulary, voice and accent, fluency, gap reduction and other important areas that hinder your success.

Flexible approach makes our training even more powerful. Our courses and classes are very unique and our teaching methods have been appreciated by many. We teach our students with some unique and innovative ideas. Join us to be the best in English and Public speaking.

Our Methodology

  • Result-oriented training offered for over Nine years.
  • Understanding your current problem areas with a comprehensive test for grammar, logical thought process, speaking and pronunciation. A demo/trial class for interaction with the trainer and the students.
  • Regular recording of performances to ensure qualitative improvement.
  • Final test and feedback.
  • Repletion or extra classes are provided without any changes if the target is not achieved.

Our Programs

All the programs are student-centric, eclectic and flexible to suit the individual requirements of learners. A learner, who is tongue-tied at first, soon communicates with ease, gains confidence in the language and succeeds not only in official circles, but also in social gatherings. The syllabus formulated is interactive, innovative and informative to cater to students, professionals, home makers, and language enthusiasts who wish to hone their language skills.

This is a foundation program which enables you to gain a working knowledge of English. It serves one who knows very little English and has a passion to develop the language.


  • Pre – self analysis
  • Phonetics
  • Vocabulary
  • Formation of Sentences
  • Basic Grammar
  • Writing Skills
  • Reading skills
  • Post – self analysis

A well – researched training program to understand and appreciate the nuances of English grammar. A learner may be familiar with English but find it difficult to make complete sentences while speaking - if you are one who understands when others speak, by and large respond in one or few words, then the intermediate level is appropriate for you.


  • Introducing all kinds of nouns along with simple present tense
  • Introduction of some conjunctions and possessive adjectives with present continuous tense.
  • Introducing relative pronouns (Who which where whose) along with present prefect tense.
  • Introduction of simple Present tense.
  • Passive voice for Present continuous tense.
  • Passive voice for present perfect continuous tense.
  • Usage of Articles.
  • Demonstrative pronouns.
  • Coordinating conjunctions.
  • Possessive nouns including apostrophe and s
  • Past continuous tense.
  • Present prefect continuous tense.
  • Past Prefect tense.
  • Simple future
  • Future perfect continuous tense.
  • Passive voice for simple past tense.
  • Passive voice for Past continuous tense.
  • Passive voice for past perfect tense.
  • Introducing all the modal verbs.
  • Passive voice for all the sentences which go with modal verbs.
  • Introducing the first two "if clause" or the "conditional clause"
  • The Next two conditional clause.
  • Subordinating conjunctions (complex sentence)
  • Introducing that clause.
  • Correlative Conjunctions.
  • Object of pronoun/reflexive pronoun/possessive adjectives.
  • Introducing adjectives and adverbs.
  • Compound relative pronoun. (Whoever/whichever/whenever)
  • Question tags.
  • Prepositions and prepositional phrases.
  • All the indefinite pronouns.
  • The third and fourth conditional clause.
  • Comparison of adjectives.
  • Introduction of modal verbs.
  • Introducing interrogative pronoun.
  • Subject verb agreement.
  • Mastering quantifiers.
  • Using would have could have should have.
  • Using would +have + adj could have + adj should + have +adj.<.
  • Passive voice for would +have+ past participle should + have+ past participle could + have+ past participle

The flag ship program of Let's speak offers a comprehensive curriculum for English language fluency and etiquette grooming. This job-oriented language training program is unique in its methodology and techniques. Mastery over a language involves skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. With this in mind, we provide students with situations that allow for well-rounded development and progress in all areas of language learning.

A student who takes up this course will be able to use the language with confidence - English is in your comfort zone as you are equipped with the essentials of phonetics, superior vocabulary and excellent grammar.


  • Pre - self analysis
  • Work place etiquette
  • Spoken grammar
  • Stress management
  • Public speaking
  • Syllabification & phonetics
  • Group discussions
  • Idioms and phrases & proverbs
  • Debate
  • Rapport building
  • Americanism
  • Decision marking
  • Time management
  • Leadership skills
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Reading skills &listening skills
  • Customer handling skills
  • Voice and accent, syllabification & phonetics
  • Apology & Empathy
  • Stress management & work place etiquette
  • Post – self analysis

As part of our corporate training program, we have provided our services to a number of companies and colleges around Tamilnadu. We have brought experts from various domains on a single platform to improve candidates and make them confident to interact with the clients, give impressive presentations, resolve customer queries and tackle other challenges in soft skills and IT domains. We give a detailed analysis of a candidate's personality and help him target his weaker areas for improvement.

What is personality? Personality refers to a person's characteristics, behavior, attitude, mentality and appearance. For example, your personality is how you present yourself before others. It is a set of features that appeals to the public.

Your personality affects your achievement in a situation. If you can easily interact with new people, you are likely to be successful in sales and business development roles than a person who tends to be less articulate. Likewise, if you are methodical, systematic and pay attention to detail, you are more suitable for engineering roles than a person who is expedient (pays less attention to structure and details).

Course Levels Duration Training Method Price Weekdays Weekends
Mon - Fri Sat - Sun
English Basic 60 hours Classroom 4000/- 9.00 am - 9.00 pm 10.00 am - 2.00 pm
Intermediate 60 hours Classroom 4500/- 9.00 am - 9.00 pm 10.00 am - 2.00 pm
Advanced Unlimited Classroom 5000/- 9.00 am - 9.00 pm 10.00 am - 2.00 pm
Corporate / Business English 60 Hours Classroom 6000/- 9.00 am - 9.00 pm 10.00 am - 2.00 pm
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