Spoken English Class in Chennai

The world has become a competitive market place. And to survive in this challenging world communication skill is a major requirement. Not just communication….. Communication in English Language. As our borders widen and our dreams go higher, Communication in a Globalized Language is a necessary skill. No wonder English is now the international Language.

Searching for Spoken English Class in Chennai? You can consider your search has ended. We at Let’s Speak offer the Best English Classes in Chennai. From Home makers to Employees in Corporate, we have trained more than 10k Students. Our Spoken English Classes are 100% SUCCESS GARAUNTEED, Effective and FLEXIBLE. We deliver the best Spoken English Courses in a SHORT TIME LIMIT.

You can take a FREE ASSESSMENT to check your level of English Knowledge in Our Let’s Speak Spoken English training institute in Chennai. Our Trainer also gives you a FREE DEMO about our Spoken English course Levels. You can clear about all your doubts in this Session with the Trainer. This enables you to get a clear idea of what you can learn and gain in our Lets Speak Spoken English Class in Chennai.

Why you should take a Spoken English Class

Spoken English has become that necessary skill which acts a tool to exhibit your talents to the world. People who do not realize it now face a major disadvantage in this growing society. If you don’t keep up with the growth, there are chances to get pushed into the stagnant crowd.

Unfortunately many people struggle to string the proper words in a proper manner. Fear of wrong grammar and wrong vocabulary prevents many people to talk or communicate with the world. In India, the Professional growth of many brilliant people is suppressed by the influent or broken English. This root to the reason of lack of proper English grammar knowledge and this leads to the hesitation to face the world. This hesitation turns into frustration when you were not able to express yourself in a proper way. These are the main causes of low self-esteem. This problem has kept many people from participating in many life changing events.

To break this barrier around you and come out of this closed walls to meet the world, proper guidance is needed. To overcome all the above hurdles, We at Lets speak provide Spoken English Courses in Chennai at affordable price structure.

Let’s Speak Spoken English Class in Chennai

Our Lets Speak Language academy has 10 years of experience in the field of delivering Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai. We teach this international Language in such an easy way so that all people with various backgrounds are benefited from our various programs.

We at Lets Speak Spoken English Classes in Chennai give training in Spoken English, Public Speaking, and Personality Development. Trained tutors and effective teaching methodology help you to improve your Spoken English very fast. Let’s Speak Spoken English Training in Chennai improves your communication skills and prepares you for meetings, presentations and interviews through continuous practice. Spoken English Training in Chennai trains you in the areas of grammar, vocabulary, accent inorder to avoiding gaps and pauses. So that one can upgrade from the broken english to Fluent proficient communication.

Our main strength is to give a Flexible approach in our Lets Speak Spoken English Classes in Chennai. This makes our training even more effective. We provide Spoken English Courses in Chennai acts as a guide to build your career and to achieve your dreams. We at Lets speak Spoken English Classes in Chennai teach our students with innovative concepts. Join us in Lets Speak Spoken English Classes to be the best in English and Public speaking.

English is a globally dominated Language in this current era. And many experts suggest this continues in the future too.

1. Communicative English Skill broaden your horizons. Job opportunities increase for the people who speak fluently in english. As employers want to reach far in this wide world, Corporates need English speaking employees.

2. Science and technology advancements hold hands with communicative english. This allows any person who can fluently speak english , from any country, can share his/her innovations to the world.

3. Any graduate from the field of science or technology can acquire knowledge from others as all innovations are scripted and published in english. Many science oriented discussions happens in only English.

4. In India english has become the language of media, arts, Politics, science and entertainment. This has made english as one of the official languages.

5. Children who learn through the medium of english need support from their parents in clearing doubts. This gives a necessary reason why parents must know English. Parents must be able to speak and express their point of views in PTMs with confidence. English gives that confidence to speak up in a crowd.

6. People in this era should learn English for better communication in an unknown city and be at peace when socialising.

7. A tourist or traveler who can speak english can travel 80 percent of the countries as English is spoken as a first or second language in those countries. And also most of the guide manuals in Hotels and Popular Tourist places are printed in English.

8. English acts as a bridge between states who speak different languages, especially in India. As India culture varies not only in every state but even in every district. A common language is necessary to have common ground in the world of differences.


This is a foundation program which enables you to gain a working knowledge of English. It serves one who knows very little English and has a passion to develop the language.


• Pre – self analysis
• Phonetics
• Vocabulary
• Formation of Sentences
• Basic Grammar
• Writing Skills
• Reading skills
• Post – self analysis


A well – researched training program to understand and appreciate the nuances of English grammar. A learner may be familiar with English but find it difficult to make complete sentences while speaking – if you are one who understands when others speak, by and large respond in one or few words, then the intermediate level is appropriate for you.


1) Introducing all kinds of nouns along with simple present tense
2) Introduction of some conjunctions and possessive adjectives with present continuous tense.
3) Introducing relative pronouns (Who which where whose) along with present prefect tense,
4) Introduction of simple Present tense.
5) Passive voice for Present continuous tense.
6) Passive voice for present perfect continuous tense.
7) Usage of Articles.
8) Demonstrative pronouns.
9) Coordinating conjunctions.
10) Possessive nouns including apostrophe and s
11) Past continuous tense.
12) Present prefect continuous tense.
13) Past Prefect tense.
14) Simple future
15) Future perfect continuous tense.
16) Passive voice for simple past tense.
17) Passive voice for Past continuous tense.
18) Passive voice for past perfect tense.
19) Introducing all the modal verbs.
20) Passive voice for all the sentences which go with modal verbs.
21) Introducing the first two “if clause” or the “conditional clause”
22) The Next two conditional clause.
23) Subordinating conjunctions (complex sentence)
24) Introducing that clause.
25) Correlative Conjunctions.
26) Object of pronoun/reflexive pronoun/possessive adjectives.
27) Introducing adjectives and adverbs.
28) Compound relative pronoun. (Whoever/whichever/whenever)
29) Question tags.
30) Prepositions and prepositional phrases.
31) All the indefinite pronouns.
32) The third and fourth conditional clause.
33) Comparison of adjectives.
34) Introduction of modal verbs.
35) Introducing interrogative pronoun.
36) Subject verb agreement.
37) Mastering quantifiers.
38) Using would have could have should have.
39) Using would +have + adj could have + adj should + have +adj.
40) Passive voice for would +have+ past participle should + have +past participle could + have + past participle


The flag ship program of Let’s Speak offers a comprehensive curriculum for English language fluency and etiquette grooming. This job-oriented language training program is unique in its methodology and techniques. Mastery over a language involves skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. With this in mind, we provide students with situations that allow for well-rounded development and progress in all areas of language learning.
A student who takes up this course will be able to use the language with confidence – English is in your comfort zone as you are equipped with the essentials of phonetics, superior vocabulary and excellent grammar.


• Pre – self analysis
• Work place etiquette
• Spoken grammar
• Stress management
• Public speaking
• Syllabification & phonetics
• Group discussions
• Idioms and phrases & proverbs
• Debate
• Rapport building
• Americanism
• Decision marking
• Time management
• Leadership skills
• Telephone etiquette
• Reading skills &listening skills
• Customer handling skills
• Voice and accent, syllabification & phonetics
• Apology & Empathy
• Stress management & work place etiquette
• Post – self analysis