French Classes in Chennai

French is the Most Romantic and Second Largest Spoken Language in the world. French is the most popular foreign language in India, which is the part of school and college curriculum.  French is the working language in most of the MNCs in India, Learning French can be a career asset which helps you to get Language Jobs in many Corporate Sector .Good Proficiency level in French will open a number of doors to various opportunities across the Globe.

Are you looking for French Course in Chennai? Yes! You are in the Right place. Let’s Speak is the best place to learn French Classes in Chennai. Our French course are designed for both Students and working professionals.  Our Institute offers you a FREE DEMO Class to know more about French language and to clear all your doubts and queries.   Our trainers are highly experienced and Certified Tutors most of them are Native speakers from French Speaking Country .Above all that, Fees are very affordable and lowest among other Institutes which includes all the Study Materials.

Our French Language classes ensures you that none of the other training centers in Chennai can teach are as professional and with Native Accent as Lets speak. Our Institute offers various levels in French from Beginner A1 to Advanced C2.

Note: We follow the same syllabus as followed by Alliance Française of Madras.
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Certification Levels in French Language Classes in Chennai

DELF (Diplômed’études en langue française) is the official diploma of French language awarded by the French Ministry of National Educational. It is conducted to test the French language proficiency of non-native speakers. This exam is conducted at Alliance Française of Madras. The exam levels are equivalent to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2 are levels in French Language.

  • All this levels focus on all the 4 Modules: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
  • Flexible Batch Timings for all 7 days & vast duration till the completion of the Program.
  • Unique methodology: Lets Speak Academy follows unique methodology which is not available anywhere in Chennai.

Certification Levels & Course Fee

  • DELF – A1 – 10500/-
  • DELF – A2 – 10500/-
  • DELF – B1 – 12000/-
  • DELF – B2 – 15500/-
  • DELF – C1 – 20000/-
  • DELF – C2 – 20000/-
  • We provide you Flexible timings with Individual attention in the classroom. Our French Classes in Chennai follows One to One Training Methodology.

  • You can choose Either French classes in Adyar or French Classes in Velachery according to their convenience.

  • We offer you French Language Classes in Chennai in both Weekends and Weekdays. So that you can schedule the timing as per your requirement.

  • Do you have requirement to complete the French Program in Limited time period? Yes! We have FAST TRACK options for you.

  • Our both French classes in Adyar and French classes in Velachery are entertaining and make you to speak the language.

  • Our trainers at Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai are native Trainers. They are highly qualified and are multilingual. Our trainers are 100% accessible, flexible and reliable. You can reach them around the Class Hours.

  • We at Let’s Speak French Classes in Chennai has 10 Yrs Experience of experience in developing the way of teaching French.

  • Our Trainers of French Language Courses in Chennai can guarantee you 100% of Result. Until Unless you get the Result, We at Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai  Will Continue supporting  you without Any Extra Penny.

  • We offer the most Economical French courses in Chennai.

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In our demo of French Classes in Chennai, the trainer will demonstrate the topics which he covers in A1 class. So you can have a glance on the following topics

  1. Alphabets and Pronounciations.
  2. Combinations of Alphabets (vowel combinations and grouped consonants)
  3. Parts of Speech.
  4. Conjugation of Verbs (in Present, Future and Past tenses)
  5. The Determinants.
  6. How to frame a sentence.
  7. Tenses in different sentences.

We at Lets Speak French classes in Chennai follow the Alliance Française curriculum and the materials we provide in our Lets speak French Courses in Chennai are the same as that of Alliance Française. So you will be trained easily for the DELF Exams.

Level A1

A1 is the basic stage of French language. In our Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai, you learn from the alphabets to everyday phrases and sentences, which are very important and significant in everyday conversation. After the completion Of A1 in our Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai, you can able to have small talks in a restaurant or shops.

Level A2

Once elementary level A2 is completed in our Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai, youwill be well versed with the vocabulary related with routine life, professional life and environment and so on. You can easily connect two sentences and speak with improved Fluency. We at Let’s Speak (French Classes in Chennai) offer an intense training of A2 so that you will be also thorough with the Grammar.

Level B1

At the completion of Intermediate level B1 in our Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai, you can totally be proficient with standard French language and can totally understand topics that concerns culture. You can start stories and books. And also you can start to watch films and Television Series. With our Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai you can speak about a particular simple topic that is related to the daily routine.

Level B2

This is where the high profile French starts. After the completion of the second intermediate level B2 in our Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai, you can easily take part in group discussions about general topics and also your career related fields. You can easily understand complex passages and understand the concept easily. Your proficiency in French with new vocabularies will increase more to the standard level in this level. Your barrier in the language fluency is completely broken in this level of Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai.

Level C1

This level expertise you to read and understand the literary books. After the completion of this level in our French Classes in Chennai, you can even debate with a new set of vocabulary. You can participate in hot discussions about Current affairs and also topic related to your specialization. This is called as the Expert level in French Course.

Level C2

The Last and the highest level in French Language Course give you the ability to converse like a native speaker. And you can become well versed to discuss about any topic. In our Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai, this master level sculpts you to interpret and translate the French texts without losing any meaning or value to their language.

  • Our Lets Speak is known as the Best French Language institute in Chennai.

  • We have 10 years of experience in providing Foreign language courses in Chennai.

  • Our Lets Speak trainers not only teach you language but also builds your personality.

  • We are awarded as the Best French language institute in Chennai.

  • We offer French Language course in Chennai for not only the people who wish to do basics of French language but also for advanced learners. Best French Classes are always designed in a fun and entertaining way. And We are proud to say it has the Best French classes in Chennai.

  • Our Institute is an ISO Certified institute, established in the year 2009. We have two branches in Chennai (Adyar and Velachery).

We provide Exam Training for all six levels. With an experience as a foreign language Training Institute in Chennai for 10 years, we provide not only French but also English, German, Spanish and Japanese

Knowing French can open up your Communicative door to millions of French speaking people across the globe.

  • French is considered as the second influential language in the world.

  • French is one of the official languages in more than 25 countries.

  • French is the most widely chosen as the “second language” after English!

  • French, along with English, is the official working language in many MNCs.

  • French knowledge not only increases your job opportunities but also your potential.

  • Through Learning French in our Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai you can obtain the Knowledge of French culture, cuisine, dance, art and fashion.

By learning French you can connect with 300 million people who speaks French across the world. We at Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai offer the best experience in learning French, the language of love.

Why Learning French is a must

Job Opportunities

Learning French in our Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai can change the learner’s career immensely. You can get better Job opportunities as French is a working language and also an official language of the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross and international courts. There is also increasing requirement of French Language Experts across India in various industries like Finance, Accounts, Technology, Technical Support, IT/ITES, Tourism and Education.


French is a must for people planning to do Business in Canada, in France or in some French-speaking African nations as French is the main language in west Europe and half of Africa.  West African Countries has emerging business markets. So learning French is very important to do business with them and also for so many other Businesses. We at Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai give you not only the Knowledge but also the confidence to speak in business needs.


People who love to travel never Miss Paris as it is the most romantic city with a beautiful culture. There are plenty of places in France with Hotels and resorts farms, vineyards and stunningly beautiful small villages. You can enjoy the world class food and wine, enjoying the country charm at the same time.  When you learn at Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai you also learn the culture of the Country.

French as a Hobby

Many people are interested to learn a new learn as a hobby and also to keep the brain active. French is the best language to learn in such a way because of the new pronunciations, the brain cells will be more active. And also by learning French you are learning a new culture. We at Lets Speak French Classes in Chennai offer plenty of support to old age individual who wants to learn something new and utilize the time.

Want to learn French fast? Follow the three important steps.

  1. Listening to native speakers- the more you listen to the conversations of native speakers the more you can adapt the pronunciation of Native speaker. And it supports a lot to better the vocabulary level and the flow of the language. That is why Trainers at Lets speak French classes in Chennai support the students to do the listening exercises simultaneously.

  2. Flash cards- the old but successful method to learn a language. Now numerous apps are there in the web world to serve like a paper flash card. You can download it and practice anywhere whenever they are free. Trainers at Lets speak French classes in Chennai utilize this method in the speaking sessions while exam preparations, to make you form sentences. This supports them to remember the meaning and also to use the correct grammar.

  3. Little conversations- create few dialogs that suits daily life in English and translate it into French and speak. In Lets speak French classes in Chennai, the trainer gives you a speaking session with small everyday life conversation.

There it is! So opportunity is in your hands. Call us @ 9840111660/ 9884764455  now to book a free demo.