German classes in chennai

German Classes in Chennai

Are you looking for German Courses in Chennai? If Yes, then Let’s Speak is the Best place to Learn German Classes in Chennai. We are the most Awarded and Highly Rated Language Institute in Chennai since 2009. Our trainers are Certified and have many years of Teaching Experience among Students and Corporate Sectors. We offer you Flexible class timing for all the seven days, so that you can customize the timing and duration as per your requirement. And you can also choose your preferred location as we have two branches in Adyar (Gandhi Nagar) and Velachery (Ram Nagar).

We Offer you a FREE DEMO Class before joining the program where you can clear all your doubts and queries. Major Aadvantage of our German program is One to One Training Methodology, which means we provide you UNLIMITED Class Hours till you complete the program. Above all that Our German language Course Fee is the best competitive price in Market which includes all STUDY MATERIALS.

Note: We follow the same syllabus as followed by Goethe institute.

Call to Schedule a Free Demo.Adyar Branch: 9840111660 | Velachery Branch: 9884764455

Certifications Levels in German Language Classes in Chennai

Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD) is the international exam for German language Courses. It tests the level of proficiency of the foreign or non-native students of the language. Goethe Institute conducts this exam at Max Muller Bhavan in Chennai. Let’s Speak follows the Goethe Institute Syllabus for German languages and train the students at different levels ranging from A1 for beginner to C2 at the higher level. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 are levels in German Language.

    • All this consists of all the 4 Modules: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
    • Flexible Batch Timings for all 7 days & vast duration till the end of the Program.
    • Unique methodology: Lets Speak Academy follows unique methodology which is not available anywhere in Chennai.
  • Zertifikat Deutsch A1 — 14500/-
  • Zertifikat Deutsch-A2 —15500/-
  • Zertifikat Deutsch-B1 —16500/-
  • Zertifikat Deutsch-B2—32000/-
  • Zertifikat Deutsch-C1—36000/-
  • Zertifikat DeutschC2 —-36000/-

german classes in chennai

Who said that learning a foreign language was difficult? You can prove it wrong now with Let’s Speak German classes in Chennai. Learning German is now just a cake walk and you would win that cake walk with our regular or fast track program if you get into our German curriculum.

Let’s speak offers a free demo for all new learners to ensure whether they are comfortable with the trainers teaching methodology.

We assure you that no other training centers in Chennai are as professional as Let’s Speak.

  • Seven Days flexible and extensive German classes in a week with Individual attention

  • You can choose either Adyar or Velachery according to their convenience.

  • We have both Weekends and Weekdays. So that you can customize the class timings.

  • Let’s speak also provides fast track courses according to your requirement of the student.

  • We provide fun filled classes and kindle German Language Course to the students therefore they would communicate in the language what they are learning.

  • Our institute possess proficient and multilingual German language trainers with many years of teaching experience in German Program.

  • We have located our institutions in the Prime Locations which are in Adyar (Gandhi Nagar) and Velachery (Ram Nagar).

  • Over 10+ years of Experience in Training for many Individuals and MNCs.
  • You can clear your doubts and queries in Let’s Speak free demo class.
  • We have trained more than 10000 Students so Far.
  • Flexible Training Schedule – We deliver our courses at your convenient timings.
  • Courseware focus on all four modules (Listen |Read | Write | Speak).
  • One to One Training Methodology: Trainers provide Individual focus on each and every student.
  • We present uncompromising quality with affordable Price.
  • Our institute possess globally recognized official curriculum course material with Audio-Visual Lectures.
  • We obtain Certified and Industrial Experienced Instructors for all the Language.
  • Lab Environment learning as per globally recommended standards.
  • We provide post training support for exam preparations.
  • Convenient Batch Timings around the clock for all the 7 days.
  • We have customized Training and Specialized Batch for Corporate Clients.
  • Handled huge amount of Corporate Training.
  • Trainer introduces the German alphabet and what is the special in German when compared to English

  • What are double vowels and grouped consonants
  • How nouns are classified according to genders in German
  • Structure of German sentence.
  • Cases in German and how it differs when you compare with English.
  • What tenses will be taught.
  • After the free demo you will get a clear cut idea of our teaching methodology. Sure you will get 100% confidence with our training experts of German Courses.

Level 1: German A1 Certification

A1 level deals with the basics of German Language Course.  Alphabet, Numbers, Formal greetings and informal greetings, day to day activities, Names of foods, countries and languages, Mode of transport, How to say time, activities and Hobbies, clothes, health related vocabularies and so on.. The main Grammar that has to be focused on is the cases. Modern English has only three cases but German has four cases. German is an Indo-European Language. We have multilingual trainers therefore the students can easily understand the cases. German language course teaches three cases in A1.

If you complete A1 in Let’s Speak then you can introduce himself/herself in German. You can have small conversations confidently in shops or restaurants. You can ask for way to particular places and enquire about bus numbers or tram numbers. We have sculpted in such a way that you excel not only in grammar but also in vocabulary in German Language.

Level 2: German A2 Certification

A2 level is all about how to connect two sentences and speak. This level also has its own set of vocabularies and grammar regarding Profession, Food, Graduation, Media, How to express your feelings, Mode of transport, Sports, Life in Apartments, Entertainment, Typical German Festivals, etc.

You can speak more fluently in German after A2 classes in Let’s Speak. You can able to connect sentences with correct grammatical connectors and convert direct sentences into indirect Sentences or even direct questions to indirect. You would be able to write letters with excellent vocabularies. And You will have more knowledge about German culture once the A2 level is completed German Courses in Chennai with Lets Speak.

Level 3: German B1 Certification

B1 is all about advanced grammar where the trainer introduces the new case that is the Genitive case to the students.  B1 deals with more vocabularies related to travel, gadgets and appliances, Professional world, Environment, Future Predictions, Life in the cities, Banks, savings account, colleagues, arguments, Health and human body, Art, and so on..

B1 focuses more on speaking module. Our trainer encourages the students to prepare on a topic and speak. Trainer at German Classes in Chennai at Let’s Speak  gives day to day conversations to the students in the form of Dialogs to practice with the trainer. Once you complete this level, you can communicate confidently and speak fluently with a great Language proficiency.

Level 4: German B2 Certification

Level 5: German C1 Certification

Level 6: German C2 Certification

Lets Speak follows the Goethe curriculum and Let’s Speak provides the same materials as that of Goethe. So students will be trained easily for the Goethe Exams.

German is one of the most powerful languages in the world and also one of the largest spoken languages in European Union.

The economy of Germany ranks is the First place in Europe. And it is the birthplace for a number of multinational corporate.

  • In Germany High priority is given to science and engineering. And Germany is the cradle for scientific research and development. That’s why German offers science related courses with zero tuition fees.

  • Germany is one of the top countries with a stable job market.

Most universities ask students for German language certifications. And also a minimum of B1 level is required to seek a part time job in Germany.

This is why learning German is mandatory for the aspiring young generation and also for all the people who travel to Germany for Business, work, trade fairs, exhibitions and leisure. German speaking is very important to communicate efficiently with the native speakers. Lets Speak not only offers the exam oriented practice but also makes the learner well versed in the following four modules: Lesen (reading), Listening (Horen), Speaking (Sprechen) and Writing (Schreiben). And also we have designed the curriculum in such a way that the let’s Speak trainer makes you to understand the German culture too.

Germany includes 16 constituent states, with a population of 83 million inhabitants.

Germany has a high skilled labor force, social market economy with a large capital stock and it is the world’s third largest exporter of goods. And it has the largest national economy in Europe. Therefore once the learner comes out of German Classes in Chennai from Let’s Speak, the opportunities are numerous. You can work as a translator or interpreter anywhere in the Globe or even in India. For example, In Chennai itself kindles publishing organization recruits German B2 scholars for content writing.

German is the fourth largest country in production. Therefore, Germany has a large competitive automotive industry and requires high number of labour.Mercedes- Benz, BMW, Volkswagan, Audi, Allianz, Adidas, Porsche, Deutsche, Bahn, Deutsche Bank, Bosch and Babelsbery are the popular international brands in Germany. Vehicles, Chemicals, electronic products, electrical equipment, Medicines, Transport equipment, food products and rubber are also the top exports of Germany. It’s easy to find a job even for full time or part time if you learn German at German course in Chennai in Lets Speak.

Germany has been a birthplace of number of famous composers, Scientists, Politicians, philosophers, actors and so on. Albert Einstein, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Friedrich Nietzsche, Hugo Junkers, Max Ernst, Werner Herzog, Steffi Graf, etc are famous personality in German.
Smart people don’t think much. They just act. Call us @ 9840111660 to know more about German Classes in Chennai.

    1. German and English are quite similar. Because both the languages were born from same Ancestor. For example, schwimmen – swim, blau – blue, Hand – hand, singen – to sing.
    2. Most of the country is covered in forests and woodlands.
    3. 65% of the highways in Germany have no speed limit.
    4. University is free for everyone.
    5. Germany is the EU’s largest economy with a gross domestic product (GDP) of 3.73 trillion USD. Germany is one of the world’s leading book nations.
    6. German is the third language most widely taught across the world and Deutsch as the official Language of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.
    7. Therefore if you just learn German at German courses in Chennai at Lets Speak, He or She can survive in any of the above countries.

German classes in Chennai at Let’s Speak are best designed to make a learner understand the culture of the Country.

  1. There are thirty-five dialects of the German language but most are becoming extinct.
  2. There are over 300 different kinds of bread in Germany and there are over 1,000 kinds of sausages in Germany.
  3. Beer is considered a food in Bavaria officially.
  4. Smoking is banned in public places but drinking alcohol is still legal.
  5. Germans are in the second place next to Irish in Consuming more Beer. Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festival in the world.
  6. Germany has more football fan clubs than anywhere else in the world.
  7. The tradition of Christmas tree (Tannenbaum) was born from Germany.
  8. Germany has over 400 zoos.
  9. The Chancellor’s office in Berlin is known locally as the “washing machine”.
  10. Germany is a leader in climate and energy policies – it made a decision to replace nuclear power with renewable energies and new storage for green electricity.
  11. In Germany the basic human instinct to be free has the first priority.
  1. Listening to native speakers- if you listen to the speech of native speakers then you will learn the exact pronounciation of native German. And it helps a lot to improve the vocabulary level and the fluency of the language. That is why our German language Courses in Chennai make you to do listening exercise simultaneously in the classroom.

  2. Flash cards are the traditional and never failed method to learn a language. Now various apps are also available to serve like a paper flash card. You can download it and practice anywhere when you are free. German classes in Chennai at Let’s Speak uses this method in the speaking sessions we encourage students to make their own sentences. This helps them to remember the meaning and also to use the correct grammar.

  3. Small conversations – we create small dialogs that suits daily life in English and ask students to translate into German and speak. The Trainers in German classes in Velachery at Let’s Speak provid speaking practice sessions after every three lessons. You can learn small conversation everyday through speaking practice sessions.

Voila! So now it is in your hands. Call us @ 9840111660 now to book a free demo.

How faster can one learn the language with Let Speak?

It depends on the capability of an individual and also it depends on the time that an individual spends with the language. The trainers in Let’s Speak will assist you till the individual is satisfied with his/her learning. Because German Courses in Chennai at Let’s Speakfocuses on the syllabus and content not just on the time limit.

Does Lets Speak German classes in Chennai provide weekday and weekend batches?

Trainers in Lets Speak work around the clock. Students can choose either Weekday or Weekend classes as per his/her convenience. The trainers in our German Classes in Chennai are available both in Weekdays and weekends. If a student wants to complete faster, then he/she can take both weekend and weekday classes in German classes in Chennai at Let’s Speak.

What if the student misses any classes?

You would never miss any class when you join to learn in our German Classes in Chennai, because the methodology of our German Classes in Chennai is purely one to one. So even if you takes a month off, the trainers in German Classes in Chennai at Let’s Speak will resume the class from where you have stopped your syllabus with a small brush-up of previous classes.

How Lets speak German Classes in Chennai help slow learners?

Let’s Speak German classes in Chennai reduces the speed of taking classes for slow learners, the Trainers in our German Classes in Chennai will give extra care and support for them. And also the trainers in our German Classes in Chennai will never move to the next topic till the student is clear about the previous topic.

How to book a free demo at Lets Speak German Classes in Chennai ?

Our German Classes in Chennai provides free demo for all new enquires. You may know the trainer’s methodology of teaching and clear your doubts regarding German.

Would you like to book for a free demo?

You just can call at 9840111660/9841844455 for a demo at German classes in Chennai. Our executive will help you at any time.

What is the specialty of Lets Speak German Classes in Chennai?

German Language Courses in Chennai at Let’s Speak is one of the Best institutes in Chennai.  The unique features of our German Classes in Chennai are one to one teaching methodology, well expert trainers, audio-visual classrooms, Flexile timing, Goethe Syllabus oriented classes, Affordable fees and many more. The student gains not only knowledge but also confidence by choosing German Classes in Chennai at our Let’s Speak.

Does Lets Speak German Classes in Chennai provide the Study Material?

Our German Courses in Chennai at Let’s Speak has included the cost of study material along with the total fees structure. The trainer’s in our German classes in Chennai will teach the basis in first few classes. After that the trainers will provide the study materials which include a class book and a work book.

Should You wait to join the class in German Language Courses in Chennai at our Let’s Speak till a batch is formed?

You can right away join the class once you register with our German Classes in Chennai. Because we at our German Classes in Chennai never conducts classes on batch based. Even if there is single student in classroom, the trainer teaches to the individual with 100% focus.