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There are more than 140 million Japanese speakers in Japan itself and an unknown number of speakers outside Japan. It is a very important and prominent language of the Asian continent because Japanese is the second language in China and Korea also. Japan is a country where evolution of technology takes place. All major inventions in technology first take place here. There are many automobile manufacturing companies in Japan, where new cars and bikes are revealed almost every 3 months. Japanese language has a huge history behind it because it was an Altaic language that has its existence to nearly five thousand years back. One can find learning Japanese easier compared to learning Chinese which is another prominent language of the Asian continent.

While learning any language, there are different levels based on which the proficiency of the person’s language learning ability is defined. We provide training for 3 levels, namely N5, N4, and N3. The most easiest level being N5 and the most difficult level being N1.


At level N5, you can understand basic Japanese in which you can read and understand basic words and sentences. With respect to listening, you will be able to understand if the person speaking to you in Japanese speaks slowly and uses basic words in the conversation.


At level N4, you become an expert in basic Japanese which means you can understand the basic words that are regularly used even if it is spoken fast and you will also be able to converse fluently.


At Level N3, you can understand basic day to day Japanese and understand daily topics like reading the small news in newspapers and listen to speeches and conversations about regular topics that are basic in nature.