Spoken Hindi Class in Chennai

Even though we are united despite of our cultural differences, language barrier is a major problem among us. Many of South Indians have to cross borders for carrer change or growth, businesses or even education. This move or place change might be stressful for many of us when we dont know the language of the state where we move in.

In North India, the widely spoken language is Hindi. Thats why it is very important to learn this common language whose roots are spreaded through out North India. Hindi knowledge helps you to interact with North Indian  people with more confidence.

Are you searching for Spoken Hindi Classes in Chennai? Then you can stop your search. Because you are already there. We offer Spoken Hindi Courses with unbeatable quality. We teach you the language in a short Time period. You can learn the language in just 40 HOURS. And also you can fix your class timings as per your convenience, as our Class timings are completely FLEXIBLE. As we offer ONE TO ONE Spoken Hindi training Program in Chennai, you can get individual attention and Support from our trainers.

You can have a FREE DEMO in our Lets Speak Spoken Hindi Class in Chennai. In this session, you can know completely about the course curriculum and we can discuss on your queries in detail. Thus we can clear all your doubts and help you understand thoroughly about our Spoken Hindi Courses.

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We at Lets Speak offer you the Spoken Hindi Classes with a practical approach. So that you can speak in the language as soon as possible. Our Trainers have more than 10 years of experience in this field of teaching.

Our Trainers provide training on how to frame a sentence, how to apply certain verbs, how to practice on syllables & accents and so on. We have sculpted our syllabus in such a simplified structure. This enables you to learn easily and speak soon with good fluency. Once you complete the spoken Hindi class with us you will be able to Have an effective communication in Hindi. You will know how to use the correct grammar and vocabulary.

We train you individually which enable a trainer to focus your requirement. And so the trainer can customize his/her teaching according to that. We offer two types of Spoken Hindi Courses. Our trainers have sculpted the syllabus after going through a research and we are continuously sculpting our teaching methodology.

Our trainers at lets speak Spoken Hindi Classes in Chennai offer a thorough basic programme. This covers the foundation of the Hindi grammar. The trainers in our institute believe vocabulary is the backbone of any language. So we make you to be well versed with it. Just the knowledge of reading in Tamil or english is enough to join in our Spoken Hindi course.

1. Spoken Hindi – 40 Hrs
2. Written and Spoken Hindi- This consists of three levels as follows.
Level I
Level II
Level III
Each level consists of 40 hrs of class

  1. Spoken Hindi- 5000
  2. Written and Spoken Hindi

Level I   -4000

Level II  -4500

Level III -5000

Level I

  1. Vowels and consonants
  2. Two letter words
  3. Three letter words
  4. Four letter words
  5. Root verbs
  6. Pronouns
  7. Simple sentences

Level II

  1. Simple Grammar- Present, Past and Future Tense
  2. Prepositions
  3. Adjectives
  4. Conjunction
  5. Use of Apna
  6. Use of Sak, Lag, Chuk
  7. Use of hoga and padega

Level III

This level concentrates more on the conversational part. So for conversation vocabulary is a necessary requirement. Here the trainer introduces different types of vocabularies. These vocabularies deal  with day to day life conversations which takes place in home, office, shops, restaurants, public places etc..

Why Learning Spoken Hindi is so important

1. Hindi has now become essential to get a central government Job.

2. Many businesses in South India are those which have shifted from North. So if you want to get a job or if you want to do businesses with them, then Spoken Hindi is very much required.

3. If you are a traveller, then spoken Hindi is very imporatant to explore the beautiful places in the north without the help of the guide. You can ask for direction or bargain with street vendors with much more confidence.

4. Hindi is required for the people who shift their homes to north India for career , business or educational purposes. This creates a better communication and understanding with the neighbours and to accustom to the daily life in hindi speaking community.

5. Other than this, Hindi is our national language. So is thee a better reason you need to learn this language.