Hindi Language Course

Are you looking for the Hindi Language Course in Chennai? You are at the Right Place. Let’s Speak offers the best Hindi classes in Chennai. Many individuals – from kids to adults – acquire a second language at some time in their lives because they understand the advantages it may provide, not only in terms of reaching out and communicating with millions of new people but also in cultural enrichment.

If you’re interested in studying a language that is widely spoken in south-east Asia, Hindi is an excellent choice.

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    Hindi Language Course Levels

    Let’s Speak is dedicated to training our students to comprehend, read, and write Hindi through a scientific and established technique. Our vision is to prove ourselves as a well-recognized Languages training institution and to have a significant and long-lasting impact on our students. We take our teaching seriously. However, we do it humorously.

    We provide HINDI language classes at the following levels:

    Note: Students may enroll in any level of course that meets their requirements.

    • Level 1 – Beginner
    • Level 2 – Intermediate
    • Level 3 – Advanced
    • Spoken Hindi – I (Via Tamil or English)
    • Spoken Hindi – II (Via Tamil or English)

    12 Reasons To Choose Us

    Trainer's Profile

    Our Unique Methodology

    As a communicative approach to language learning, Let’s Speak Language Academy focuses on helping students develop their communication skills. This approach necessitates the employment of various teaching methods that are both informed and creative. Autonomous learning, teaching and practicing language acquisition methodologies, and acknowledging learner diversity will be heavily emphasized. Comprehensible input, participant interaction, an emphasis on meaning and form, authentic materials, the use of language learning strategies, recognition of learner differences, individual experimentation, and ample time for cognitive processing are all factors that contribute to the acquisition of a foreign or second language. All of these abilities are taught concurrently in this program: listening, speaking, reading, writing. The study of grammar, vocabulary, and culture is part of this curriculum.

    We have a group of tutors that use up One-On-One Classes and discussions with trainees of various ages and backgrounds. Our tutor often stresses speaking in Hindi and makes the students talk in Hindi and appropriate them any place needed. We also carry out different interactive sessions and independently rectify the students’ questions. We replicate each session till the learners are clear with the topic.

    Reason to Choose the Hindi Language

    Around 260 million individuals worldwide speak Hindi as a first language. An additional estimated 120 million people use Hindi as a second language in India and Nepal.

    According to some estimates, Hindi is recognized as the world’s fourth most widely spoken language, behind English, Spanish, and Chinese, because of the enormous number of people who speak it.

    Hindi is a world-famous language that will open doors for its learners. But what precisely are these options? Here are ten reasons to study Hindi:

    Even though India has many English speakers/understanders, learning the local language will offer you an advantage and avoid relying on others. While English will provide you full access to the city, Hindi will enable you to walk freely. Discovering these will enrich your India experience.

    Bollywood Films Bollywood offers a lot of entertaining movies! Once you learn Hindi, you’ll have access to a world of exciting movies with catchy dance routines. In reality, Bollywood movies might help you learn Hindi via immersion. Say goodbye to subtitles once you know the language!

    Hindi is a codified language that borrows from numerous languages. Urdu and Hindi are so close that studying Hindi will automatically teach you basic Urdu!

    You may ask cab drivers, shops, and locals about hidden gems that aren’t in any Michelin guide. This list isn’t limited to employees or tour guides. While some individuals comprehend simple English terms, studying Hindi may help you form deeper relationships with those you meet.

    Learn basic Hindi and keep adding English words along the way! It’s simple to learn: Hindi contains many English terms like bus, hospital, and police. Similarly, English has taken Hindi terms like ‘Bungalow’ and ‘Jungle.’ Most individuals also understand essential English words. So you have a vocabulary before you even start learning Hindi.

    Bilingual Brains: Learning a new language is much more helpful than traveling. It aids the mind! Language acquisition improves memory, listening abilities, and multitasking. So, instead of using that useless brain-training software, consider learning a new language.

    Make new acquaintances – Half a billion people worldwide speak Hindi. Learning Hindi allows you to communicate with them more effectively. Learning Hindi might help you connect with unique individuals.

    Helps Company – India has been a popular place for business expansion in Southeast Asia. Because of this, you are learning Hindi may provide you with a competitive advantage over your peers.

    Levels In Hindi Language Courses in Chennai

     Level – I (Basic)

    A student who has completed the Basic Level can understand and utilize the language that is used to meet specific requirements within a structured and predictable social and educational setting, such as the classroom. Because of this, they will be able to describe and explain incidents in more detail., offer reasons and explanations for plans, write personal letters, and comprehend conventional discourse on everyday and familiar issues.

    The student is encouraged to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and needs in the same language. The student will be able to comprehend and utilize basic phrases and sentences. The learner will be able to introduce themselves to people and ask generic inquiries of them without feeling like they are being evaluated.

    Level – II (Intermediate)

    After completing the INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, students/participants can converse fluently, express a point of view on a current problem, compose an essay or report, comprehend lengthy speeches and lectures, and provide full descriptions.

    The learner will be capable of reading and writing straightforward phrases and paragraphs. Considerable emphasis is placed on the language’s grammar and pronunciation. A firm grasp of the fundamentals is emphasized. The student will be able to communicate effectively in everyday situations.

    Level – II (Advanced)

    Advanced-level participants should be able to comprehend and communicate well in academic and professional settings by the conclusion of this course. They’ll decipher and analyze texts with various linguistic and structural complexities. They’ll know a lot of colloquial terms, so they’ll be able to speak quickly, clearly, and precisely. They’ll keep their grammatical precision up to snuff.

    The learner’s speaking abilities and fluency will be enhanced. Additionally, a firm grasp of the language will be acquired, and they will be able to communicate freely on various issues linked to personal hobbies, employment, and other common subjects.

    Spoken Hindi – Basic

    This group course helps beginners finish their fast track development toward fundamental proficiency in Hindi by bringing it to a close. This course teaches students how to communicate successfully in everyday circumstances like asking for directions, how much the ticket will cost, giving and reacting to instructions, chatting about the weather, and more. The students will learn to read and write Devanagari, the script used for Hindi, and acquire the essential structures for basic conversation. Students will express themselves effectively in the past, present, and future tenses at the end of this course. The students who complete this course are prepared to advance their abilities to the next level by enrolling in one of our Advanced Hindi Speaking Programs.

     Spoken Hindi – Advanced

    This group session is designed for students with a foundation in basic Hindi who want to learn more. This course, which continues our Basic Hindi courses, will expand students’ fundamental knowledge of Hindi reading, writing, and conversation while improving their fluency and control of Hindi. Students will learn more sophisticated grammar constructs and a broader range of vocabulary words. Students will converse with native speakers with spontaneity and fluency, comprehend the significant concepts of technical and specialized literature, and express their thoughts and views on any subject of interest by the conclusion of this course.

    Modes of Training

    As the best German language training Institute in Chennai, Let’s Speak provides students with a wide range of Batch schedule options and batch sizes that are tailored to their needs. Meanwhile, we’re using three methods of instruction that are accessible to Students.




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    Five Batch Options You Can Choose From

    Regular Batches

    If you can regularly attend throughout  the week, you may enroll in regular  batches Monday through Friday,  One hour each day.

    Alternate Batches

     If you require additional time to practice  at home, you may enroll in a three-day-a-week alternate batch.

    Weekend Batches

    If you are a working professional or business  owner with limited weekend availability,  you may select Saturday or Sunday slots  (2 Hours per day).

    Evening Batches

    If you cannot attend classes during the week,  we offer two- to three-hour Sunday batches.

    Live Online Batches

    If you believe you already receive adequate  Support at home, you may opt for four to five  days of online batching per week  (one hour per day).

    More Reasons to Choose Let's Speak


    We provide HINDI language classes at the following levels:

    Note: Students may enroll in any level of course that meets their requirements.

      • Level 1 – Beginner
      • Level 2 – Intermediate
      • Level 3 – Advanced
      • Spoken Hindi – I (Via Tamil or English)
      • Spoken Hindi – II (Via Tamil or English)

    Anyone interested in studying the Hindi language can learn this language. The language is so helpful for a Job Seeker who wants to build their career in language-related Jobs and the Professionals & Tourist who often travels to North India

    • Let’s Speak has experience of 12 Years of Hindi Language Teaching. 
    • Full Fledged Language Institute with full-time dedicated Trainers. 
    • More than 20000+Successful students to date have completed their courses.
    • Unlimited Course duration till the course completion. 
    • Let’s Speak provides affordable fees with combo offers without compromising the quality.
    • Multiple Hindi batches are starting every week.

    We are proud to inform you that Let’s Speak is the only Institute providing one-to-one training and Batches wise sessions for Hindi Language classes in Chennai. Each batch contains a maximum of 5 to 8 students. Every student will get individual attention with unlimited duration till the completion of the program.

    It depends on the student’s capability and the time that a student spends with the Hindi Language training. Let’s Speak trainers will assist you until the individual is satisfied with their learning because Let’s Speak focuses on the syllabus and content, not just on the time limit.

    Yes. If students need to complete faster, they can take weekend and weekday Hindi Classes in Chennai. The Hindi trainers in our Let’s Speak are available on Weekdays, Weekends, and Online. Our Hindi Trainers work around the clock to choose one or the other Weekday or Weekend classes as per their accessibility.

    You would never lose any class when you join Let’s Speak because we have one training method. So even if you take a break for a month, the Hindi trainers will resume the session from where you have stopped up your syllabus with a small brush-up of previous sessions.

    We will reduce the speed of teaching pace for slow learners; the Trainers will give extra attention to encourage them. In our Hindi, the trainers will never move to the next topic till the person is clear about the previous issue.

    Yes. No one chooses to waste money on something that isn’t deserving. We place a high value on your pleasure. As a result, the demo class will be the first class. This demo class will allow you to see if you are comfortable with the trainer’s teaching style. You can enrol yourself after the sample class.

    • For all new students, Let’s Speak offers a FREE DEMO Session to help them understand the trainer’s teaching technique and clear up any doubts or questions about the Hindi Language Course. 

    • You can schedule a free demo by calling 9840111660 or 9884764455. Our executive will be available to assist you at any moment.

    Yes, we issue a certificate of completion at the End of the program. But we suggest you take one final exam in Goethe Institute/ Max Mueller Bhavan because Goethe is the only authorized Institute to certify in the German language globally.