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Spoken English classes in Chennai

The world has become a competitive market place. And to survive in this challenging world communication skill is a major requirement. Not just communication….. Communication in the English Language. As our borders widen and our dreams go higher, Communication in a Globalized Language is a necessary skill. No wonder English is now the international Language

Searching for Spoken English Classes in Chennai? You can consider your search has ended. We at Let’s Speak offer the Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai. From Homemakers to Employees in Corporate, we have trained more than 15k Students. Our Spoken English Classes are 100% SUCCESS GUARANTEED, Effective and FLEXIBLE. We deliver the best Spoken English Courses in a SHORT TIME LIMIT.

We do provide FREE ASSESSMENT for students to know their knowledge in English; based on the assessment result our trainer can guide you for the possible area where you can improve your Communication. One step ahead if you wish to see a Class demo class, we can arrange Multiple FREE Demo sessions till you clarify all your doubts.

• English Proficiency – Basic • IELTS (General & Academic)
• English Proficiency –Intermediate • English Proficiency – Advanced

English L1 & L2

Course Fee: L1 – 4000/-& L2-4500/-
Duration: 40 – 60 Hrs. (Per Level)

English L3

Course Fee: L3 -5000/-
Duration: 40 – 60 Hrs.

IELTS - General & Academic

Course Fee: 8,000  &  12,000/-
Duration: 40 – 60 Hrs. (Per Level)

Why Choose Our Institution

Let’s Speak solely focus on Language training with well Expertise and Certified trainers.
We have three friendly centers at Adyar, Velachery and Thoraipakkam.
Languages taught in Let’s Speak are German, French, Spanish, Japanese, English, Hindi, and Tamil.

Cambridge Curriculum:

Cambridge Syllabus at Let’s Speak is proceeded in accordance with Cambridge Curriculum. Intensive practice with multiple model papers will be provided to obtain high score.

One to One Training:

Small group, Makes trainer to focus on development of every student. Individual Attention allows the student to learn fast in their own pace.

Customized Classes

Our ultimate goal is to personalize the classes for each and every student based on their convenient timing. We assure individual attention to all candidates

Exceptional Quality

We employ trainers with high academic standards and our trainers believe that their quality is reflected in the results of their students.

Trusted for years

We are trusted for a decade in giving the best in language courses that we offer. We have seen the achievements and career growth of more than 12000 students.

Speaking Practice:

Interactive Speaking modules to help you to be Fluent in English Language. Timely Assessments are conducted to improvise the development of the student.

English L1 & L2 (10% Offer)
Affordable Fee
Flexible Timing
Individual Attention
Cambridge Curriculum
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English L2 & IELTS (10% Offer)
Affordable Fee
Flexible Timing
Individual Attention
cambridge Curriculum
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Why Let’s Speak for Spoken English classes in Chennai

    • Centers in three prime location in Adyar (Gandhi Nagar), Velachery (Ram Nagar) and OMR – Thoraipakkam.
    • One to One Training Methodology, We focus each and every student individually.
    • Unlimited class hours provided for Advanced English program.
    • Customized program, Based on Students grasping level.
    • Weekly assessment, tomonitor the student progress consistently
    • Structured course materials, helps students to practice by own.
    • Friendly trainer’s works around the clock for the development of the student.

Who is beginner in English?

  • This is a foundation program which enables you to gain a working knowledge of English. It serves one who knows very little English and has a passion to develop the language.
  • Beginners in English are those who have no Previous Knowledge of English. If you are unable to understand, Write without Spelling mistakes, read and Speak Basics then you will be the Beginner in English
  • Once if you join for Beginners English in Let’s Speak Language Training Academy in Chennai, We will help you to brush up your Basic English Language through Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.
  • Beginners Level helps you to create your own sentences with proper grammar rules, we also support you to include the same into your Reading, Speaking and Writing
  • The students would learn different types of vocabulary and simple sentences to speak according to the situation at the Beginners level
  • The Students also would certainly have proper insight on basic grammar where they could conjugate the sentences.

Who is Intermediate in English?

  • Beginners English (Level1) is the first step where students start with aspiration to climb higher and higher

  • At the Intermediate level students would seek to make sentences without grammatical errors in speaking and writing

  • We at let’s speak train Intermediate level students the diversity of formal and informal writing and polite and Impolite Speaking

  • Tenses are Significant to speak or write in English so the Intermediate Students would learn Completely Tenses, different types of sentences and grammatical formation of sentences.

  • At the end of the Intermediate Level, the Students would improve their writing and speaking skills. The students would also be confident enough to frame English sentences without grammatical mistakes by their own.

  • We at Let’s Speak ensure that the intermediate level students would speak and write high Level English Courageously without inferiority Complex.

Who is Advanced in English?

  • The Students would boost up their confident through Intermediate Level

  • At the Advanced Level the students would learn advance grammar like simple, compound and complex sentences, Reported Speech, Active and Passive Voice and Relative Clauses Where Students Would enhance their English language Skills

  • Advanced level Students would also learn Business English, Business Idioms and Phrases, Email Writing Skills, Interview Skills, Presentation Skills, GD, JAM, Debates…..etc.

  • Advances level would facilitate the Students to accelerate their communication Skills higher than the before

  • We at let’s speak train Advanced Level Students in a Practical Way

  • We make sure that every student would involve in all the Advanced level English language activities so that students would Speak and write eloquently

  • We also ensure absolute expected results.

spoken English classes in Chennai

spoken English classes in Chennai

spoken english classes in chennai

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