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Are you looking for Spoken English Classes in Chennai? If yes? You are landed at the right place. Let’s Speak offers the best-Spoken English classes in Chennai for over 12 years at a very affordable price.

Learn to Speak fluently in Just 60 days. Our live activity and practical way of approach towards English training make students learn faster in a short period. We are specialized in providing you with an exceptional English learning experience that is certain to produce results. Our 14000+ successful students are proof enough to speak about our success.

Every student is not the same; each person has unique needs. To learn more, we offer FREE DEMO sessions in which our dedicated trainers will assess your current proficiency in the English language. Our trainer will design your entire course based on the assessment result as per your requirement.


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    Spoken English Language Course Levels

    Let’s Speak Language Academy has been the most well-known leading institute in Chennai for over 12 years, where students can experience the high standard of latest communication guidance from the best industry tutors. We are committed to providing a great and unique learning experience with guaranteed results. Whether you want to start learning as a beginner or if you are a student, executive, or housewife, we have the right English course for you, ensuring that you speak English fluently. 

    List of English courses we offer,

    12 Reasons To Choose Us

    Trainer's Profile

    Our Unique Methodology

    Do you have creative and exciting ideas but are unsure how to speak and express them spontaneously as the native speakers do.? Well, we have got you covered. Let’s Speak is built on the foundation of highly qualified, most talented professional experts. We intend to engage, motivate, and influence people with a will to learn. Being the best provider of Best-Spoken English Language Training courses in Chennai, we strive to help those who wish to conquer foreign languages globally. We will assist you throughout the learning process through one-to-one doubt clearing sessions, flexible schedules, online classes, and lessons tailored to your goals.

    We have a group of tutors that use up One-On-One Classes and discussions with trainees of various ages and backgrounds. Our tutor often stresses speaking in Spoken English and makes the students talk in Spoken English and appropriate them any place needed. We also carry out different interactive sessions and independently rectify the students’ questions. We replicate each session till the learners are clear with the topic.

    Why Learn the English Language?

    English has always played a vital role in our educational system and the everyday lives of our people. It is the language that continues to be spoken across the country. It is commonly accepted that any language consists of three components: sound, structural elements, and lexical elements. However, out of the three most essential components, the structure is the one that provides specific meaning when combined with precise grammatical understanding as well as structural patterns. India is the 3rd largest English-speaking nation in the world. English is regarded as a “must-know” language in India because of its extensive usage. English has now evolved into a steppingstone for upward social and economic mobility as well as “a doorway to the globe.”

    1. English is a universal language. 

    More people speak English than any other language on the planet. If you talk or comprehend English, you’re one in five individuals.

    2. Learning English will increase your possibility of getting a Job.

    There are no other languages as widely used in these fields as English. Your chances of obtaining a job in a global organization in your own country or abroad enhance if you are fluent in English.

    3. You may meet new individuals by learning English.

    People from all around the globe use English as a lingua franca (a language that is universally understood). Having the ability to communicate with individuals from all over the world is a benefit of learning English, regardless of where you are located.

    4. The majority of scientific articles are written in English.

    Scientific publications produced in English have begun to overtake those written in the original language of the researcher in the past century. For example, in the Netherlands, the ratio is a startling 40 to 1. Because of this, scientists need to have a solid grasp of English.

    5. English is the primary language of the media sector.

    There are many successful movies, television series, and songs written in English because of Hollywood’s popularity in worldwide media. As long as you’re fluent in English, you won’t have to depend on translations or subtitles to appreciate your favorite works.

    6. English is the language of the Net.

    Moreover, half of the internet’s content is written in English, making it the most widely used language. Some of the world’s leading technology businesses are also situated in English-speaking nations.

    7. In general, speaking English makes traveling much more convenient.

    Although the hotel receptionist may not be able to speak Spanish, they are more than likely to be able to answer your inquiry in English if you’re from Spain on vacation in Thailand.

    8. One of the most crucial languages for business is English.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a company owner, a student, or a worker: English is essential in the workplace. English is recognized as a critical business language since it is the facto language of the United States and the United Kingdom, Canada, India, and South Africa.

    9. You can go to school anywhere in the world if you speak English.

    Many organizations and schools across the globe provide English education since English is so extensively used. Students with solid academic English skills have several options for selecting a school and program. Think about going to school in a nation where English is the primary language.

    10. Access to many other cultures may be gained via English.

    Few things may help you develop as a person more than getting a taste of another culture’s values, customs, and way of life. If you can communicate fluently in English, you’ll have access to a wide range of cultural products from all over the world. Numerous novels from over the globe are translated into English, not to mention.

    Spoken English Language Exam and Certification

    After completing your course with us, you will receive a Let’s Speak Certificate Of course Completion. Our entirely free certificate certifies your level of Spoken English on the European Framework scale A1 – C2. However, this certificate is solely valid for program completion and does not carry international recognition. If you wish to engage in this, we recommend obtaining an official Spoken English language certificate such as the IELTS, TOEFL, and PRE-Academic, depending on your future objectives.

    Decide on a certification that suits your needs.

    • TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language
    • IELTS: International English Language Testing System
    • PTE Academic: Pearson English Language Test
    • Cambridge English Qualifications
    • EFSET
    • Duolingo English Test
    • Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)
    • Business English Certificate (BEC)
    • Integrated Skills in English exams (ISE)

    Scope of learning the Spoken English Language

    Levels In Spoken English Language Courses in Chennai

    When you join, we conduct an assessment test to identify your current knowledge in English to offer you the best program.   The coordinators will request your class time preferences and approve your schedule.

    Then we assign you a trainer based on your level, industry, and training plans. Your programs and activities are designed based on your current status.

    English Basics – Beginner

    This course enables you to gain a working knowledge of English. The beginner level is created for those who hesitate to read and write a simple sentence in English. It serves one who knows very little English and has a passion for developing the language. In the end, you will get confident with English usage in daily life.

    In Short, if you have little knowledge or no experience in speaking English and if you want to talk more naturally – this course is meant for you

    Advanced Grammer – Intermediate 

    Bridge course is ideal for those who seek to make a sentence without grammatical errors. It will help you enhance your grammar knowledge, speaking skills, vocabulary, and pronunciation. In the end, students will be confident enough to face the public and frame effective sentences on their own. 

    This course provides valuable guidance and techniques for improving communication and boosting confidence for effective presentations, academic competitions, office meetings, or social events. This program is customized to your requirements and deals with real-life situations for the best results.

    English Fluency – Advanced 

    Advanced level is meant for students with a solid grammar base and who lack the confidence to speak fluently. This course helps them build their vocabulary and overcome the fear of interactive speaking skills. Our regular practice sessions facilitate the students to accelerate their communication Skills in all four modules (Listen, Read, Write & Speak). This course will transform your personality into an effective listener and a spectacular speaker.

    Modes of Training

    As the best German language training Institute in Chennai, Let’s Speak provides students with a wide range of Batch schedule options and batch sizes that are tailored to their needs. Meanwhile, we’re using three methods of instruction that are accessible to Students.




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    Five Batch Options You Can Choose From

    Regular Batches

    If you can regularly attend throughout  the week, you may enroll in regular  batches Monday through Friday,  One hour each day.

    Alternate Batches

     If you require additional time to practice  at home, you may enroll in a three-day-a-week alternate batch.

    Weekend Batches

    If you are a working professional or business  owner with limited weekend availability,  you may select Saturday or Sunday slots  (2 Hours per day).

    Evening Batches

    If you cannot attend classes during the week,  we offer two- to three-hour Sunday batches.

    Live Online Batches

    If you believe you already receive adequate  Support at home, you may opt for four to five  days of online batching per week  (one hour per day).

    Batch Schedule and Fees Structure

    For the best results, we keep a small group of students.




    Course Fee


    Level – 1


    25 to 30 Hrs( 2 Months Approx)
    1 Hrs Per day (Mon – Fri)

    3000 INR


    25 to 30 Hrs( 2 Months Approx)
    2Hrs Per day (Mon – Fri)

    3000 INR

    Bridge Course


    30 to 40 Hrs( 2 Months Aprox)
    1Hrs Per day (Mon – Fri)

    5000 INR


    30 to 40 Hrs( 2 Months Approx)
    2 Hrs Per day (Mon – Fri)

    5000 INR


    Fluency – 1


    30 Hrs( 1 .5 Months Approx)
    1 Hrs Per day (Mon – Fri)

    5000 INR


    30 Hrs (2 Months Approx)
    2 Hrs Per day (Sat & Sun)

    5000 INR


    Fluency – 2


    60 Hrs( 3 – 4 Months Approx)
    1 Hrs Per day (Mon – Fri)

    8000 INR


    60 Hrs (5 Months Approx)
    2 to 4 Hrs (Sat & Sun)

    8000 INR

    Combo Offer

    Bridge Course + Advanced Fluency- 1

    60 Hrs( 4 Months Approx)
    1 to 2 Hrs Per day

    9000 INR

    Bridge Course + Advanced Fluency- 2

    90 Hrs( 4 Months Approx)
    1 to 2 Hrs Per day

    11800 INR

    More Reasons to Choose Let's Speak


    List of English courses we offer,

    • Basic Grammar
    • Advanced Grammar
    • Fluency Development – I
    • Fluency Development – II

    Anyone interested in developing their English language proficiency can learn this language. Mainly the students who apply for Higher Studies in English-speaking countries. The language is so helpful for a Job Seeker who wants to build their career in language-related Jobs and the Professionals & Tourist who often travels around the world

    • Let’s Speak has experience of 12 Years of Spoken English Language Teaching. 
    • Full Fledged Language Institute with full-time dedicated Trainers
    • More than 20000+Successful students to date have completed their courses.
    • Unlimited Course duration till the course completion. 
    • Let’s Speak provides affordable fees with combo offers without compromising the quality.
    • Multiple Spoken English batches are starting every week.
    • Exam preparation will be provided at the end of each course.

    We are proud to inform you that Let’s Speak is the only institute providing one-to-one training and Batches wise sessions for Spoken English Language classes in Chennai. Each batch contains a maximum of 8 to 10 students. Every student will get individual attention with unlimited duration till the completion of the program.

    It depends on the student’s capability, and it depends on the time that a student spends with the Spoken English Language training. Let’s Speak trainers will assist you until the individual is satisfied with their learning because we concentrate on the curriculum and substance rather than the time constraint.

    Yes. The Spoken English trainers in our Let’s Speak are available on Weekdays, Weekends, and Online. Our Spoken English Trainers work around the clock to choose one or the other Weekday or Weekend classes as per their accessibility. If students need to complete faster, they can take weekend and weekday Spoken English Classes in Chennai.

    You would never lose any class when you join Let’s Speak because we have one training method. So even if you take a break for a month, the Spoken English trainers will resume the session from where you have stopped up your syllabus with a small brush-up of previous sessions.

    We will reduce the speed of teaching pace for slow learners; the Trainers will give extra attention to encourage them. In our Spoken English, the trainers will never move to the next topic till the person is clear about the previous issue.

    Yes. No one chooses to waste money on something that isn’t deserving. We place a high value on your pleasure. As a result, the demo class will be the first class. This demo class will allow you to see if you are comfortable with the trainer’s teaching style. You can enroll yourself after the sample class.

    • For all new students, Let’s Speak offers a FREE DEMO Session to help them understand the trainer’s teaching technique and clear up any doubts or questions about the Spoken English Language Course. 

    • You can schedule a free demo by calling 9840111660 or 9884764455. Our executive will be available to assist you at any moment.

    Yes, we issue a certificate of completion at the End of the program. But we suggest you take one final exam in Goethe Institute/ Max Mueller Bhavan because Goethe is the only authorized Institute to certify in the German language globally.