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Are you looking for the French Language Course in Chennai? You are at the Right Place. Let’s Speak offers the best French Language classes in Chennai. Although there are many Institutes providing French Language Training in Chennai, we are the best among others, in terms of Quality, Experience, Infrastructure, and Fees Structure. We work for success and guarantee you the result in DELF and TEF Exam.

Let’s Speak is the Full-fledged language institute providing best French classes in Chennai for over 10years. Our quality training helps 20000+students to get their dream jobs in top MNCs worldwide. We offer the best French language Course in Chennai at an affordable price and customized program as per the requirement of each student.

We prepare you for the following exams.

TEF Exam (Test d’évaluation de français)
DELF Exams (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française)
DELF Level – A1
DELF Level – A2
DELF Level – B1
DELF Level – B2
DELF Level – C1
DELF Level – C2

French - A1 & A2

Course Fee: 12500/-(Each)
Duration: 80 – 120 Hrs. (Per Level)
Text Books: SAISON A1 & A2

French B1

Course Fee: B1 – 14500/-
Duration: B1: 120 – 160 Hrs.
Text Books: SAISON B1.

French - B2 & C1.

Course Fee: B2 & C1 – 20000/-(Each)
Duration: B2 &C1: 280 – 320 Hrs.
Text Books: SAISON B2 & C1

Online French Language Course in Chennai

Learn French Language through online Classes and Get fluent in Just 60 Days.
Online French classes will reduce your travel time and be very cost effective.
Customized program based on the requirement of the students.
Timing will be 100% flexible around the clock.
Live face to face virtual training through Skype, Zoom or other online medium.
Duration will be unlimited till the completion of the Course.
Avail short term fast track course.
Weekdays & Weekend Classes Available

What makes us different from others?

  • Small-Group, Focus on Individual Development of the Student.
  • More focus on a practical session to improve fluency and pronunciation.
  • Well Experienced, Certified and Skilled trainers work around the clock to give their best in the classroom or Online.
  • Multiple Audio and Video sessions help to experience the language rather than memorizing.
  • Equal Importance is given to all the four modules Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
  • We make sure there is sufficient time given to each of our students to get fluent in the entire training process.
  • Our Trainers will keep encouraging students to create a friendly atmosphere to learn a language in an easy and joyful way.

Please don’t hesitate to call us @ 9840111660. Our executive gets you a FREE Demo Session, Where you can clarify all your doubts and we help to find the best tutor for you.

What will be in the Free Demo Session?

Let’s Speak Academy offers an opportunity for the students to attend our free demo sessions that’ll help them get an idea about the French courses and our teaching methodologies. These sessions will also give them an idea about our institute and our professional trainers.

The French demo classes in Let’s Speak will mainly focus on the topics that will be dealt as a part of A1 level. The trainer will demonstrate the topics given below, which all will be covered in the A1 level of French language.

Alphabets and pronunciations.
Combinations of alphabets (vowel combinations and grouped consonants)
Parts of Speech.
Conjugation of Verbs (in present, future and past tenses)
Sentence formations and sentence patterns.
Tenses in different sentences.

Let’s Speak follows the curriculum as same as Alliance Française. The materials provided in Let’s Speak are also the same as that of Alliance Française. So, getting trained under our guidance will definitely take you a few steps closer to achieving the goal of clearing DELF exams.

Why to Choose French Language?

Most popular foreign Language in the world
Gateway for many career opportunities in MNCs
More than 200 million people speaks French around the world
Second most widely spoken language in the world
Official Language of the United Nation, European Union, UNESCO and Other European countries.

List of Jobs available after completing French Language Course

In the competitive corporate world, companies are interested in expanding their business at the international level. For that, they are looking for an employee who is able to communicate in more than one language, especially one who has a stronghold in a foreign language. Depth Knowledge in the French Language is the key to success around the world in business sectors.

After completing A2  Level (School teacher)
After completing B1 level (Interpreter, BPO)
After completing B2.2 level (Translator, Embassy jobs)
After completing C1 level (Teacher, Higher Education)

Why Choose Our Institution

Alliance Française Curriculum:

French Syllabus at Let’s Speak is followed in accordance with Alliance Française Curriculum. Intensive practice with multiple model papers will be provided to obtain high score.

One to One Training:

Small group, Makes trainer to focus on development of every student, Individual Attention allows the student to learn fast in their own pace.

Customized classes

Our ultimate goal is to personalize the classes for each and every student based on their convenient timing. We assure individual attention to all candidates

Exceptional Quality

We employ trainers with high academic standards and our trainers believe that their quality is reflected in the results of their students

Trusted for years

We are trusted for a decade in giving the best in language courses that we offer. We have seen the achievements and career growth of more than 12000 students.

Speaking Practice

Interactive Speaking modules to help you to be Fluent in French Language, Timely Assessments are conducted to improvise the development of the student.


The more you listen to the native speakers, the more you can acquire the actual pronunciation of French language. It also helps in boosting the vocabulary level to high standards and aids in a smooth flow of the language with no difficulties. We’ve been following this effective methodology for ten years which has benefited countless numbers of students. Our dedicated trainers in Let’s Speak will train you through listening activities and tasks simultaneously while teaching.


Though one of the oldest, it is also one of the most successful and effective methods to learn a language. Now, numerous apps are easily available in the web world to serve like a paper flash card. You can download it and practice anywhere anytime at free of cost. Trainers at Lets speak make use of this method during the speaking sessions in the time of exam preparations to help you form sentences and learn the language with ease. This method enables the students to remember the meanings and also to use the correct grammar.


This little method is unbelievably creative and effective. Our trainers will create a few dialogues based on everyday life in English and make the students translate it into French and speak it out. This will help the individual to lose hesitation and develop confidence by getting used to the language.

The opportunity is right in your hands. So strike the iron when it’s still hot.


DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) is a Certification offered by French National Ministry of Education to certify the students outside France. There are six levels in DELF Exam

  • DELF A1 & A2
  • DELF B1 & B2
  • DELF C1 & C2

TEF (Test d’évaluation de français) is an exam for fluency of French. If you plan to migrate to French Speaking country like Canada, you have to write a TEF exam which helps in the immigration process. This certificate is recognized by Canada government.

<p style=”text-align:jusify”>Yes. No one among us wants to throw the money at a place which is not worthy. Your personal satisfaction is our topmost priority. So the first class will be the demo class. This demo class will give you an opportunity to check whether you are comfortable with the trainer’s teaching. After the demo class you could enroll yourself.</p>

  • Trainer introduces the French alphabet and what is the special in French when compared to English
  • What are double vowels and grouped consonants?
  • How nouns are classified according to genders in French
  • Structure of French sentences.
  • Cases in French and how it differs when you compare with English.
  • What tenses will be taught.
  • After the free demo you will get a clear cut idea of our teaching methodology. Sure you will get 100% confidence with our training experts of French Courses

Let’s Speak provides FREE DEMO Session for all the new students, which helps them to understand the trainer’s teaching methodology and to clarify all doubts and queries regarding French Language Course.

You can just call at 9840111660 or 9884764455 for a Booking Free demo. Our executive will help you at any time.

It depends on the capability of an individual and also it depends on the time that an individual spends with the language. The trainers in Let’s Speak will assist you till the individual is satisfied with his/her learning, because Let’s Speak focuses on the syllabus and content not just on the time limit.

Any person who has interest in learning foreign Language.

  • Students who apply for Higher Studies.
  • Job Seeker who wants to build their career in Language related Jobs.
  • Professionals & Tourists who often travel to French Speaking Countries.

Yes. Our Trainers work around the clock, Students can choose either Weekday or Weekend classes as per his/her convenience. The trainers in our institute are available on both Weekdays and weekends. If a student wants to complete faster, then he/she can take both weekend and weekday French courses in Chennai.

You would never miss any class when you join Let’s Speak, because we have one to one training methodology. So even if you take a month off, the trainers will resume the class from where you have stopped your syllabus with a small brush-up of previous classes.

We will reduce the speed of taking classes for slow learners; the Trainers will give extra time and care to support them. And also the trainers will never move to the next topic till the student is clear about the previous topic.

Yes, we provide a course completion certificate at the end of the program. But we suggest you to take one final exam in Alliance Française of Madras, because Alliance Française is the only authorized Institute to certify in French Language globally. But if you study at our Institute, you can avoid writing A1 and A2 exams and you can directly apply for the B1 and C1 Exam.

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