A Preposition is a word or set of words that indicates location (in,near,beside,on top of ) or  Some other relationship between a noun or pronoun and other parts of the sentence (about,after,besides,instead of,in accordance with)

There are five different types of prepositions:

  • Simple prepositions
  • Double prepositions
  • Compound prepositions
  • Participle prepositions
  • Phrase prepositions

Simple prepositions :

Simple prepositions are words like at, for, in, off, on, over, and under. These common prepositions can be used to describe a location, time or place.

Double prepositions :

The double preposition is a proposition that is made by combining two simple prepositions. For example, the phrase “out of” would be a double preposition, since both “out” and “of” are simple prepositions.

Compound prepositions :

Compound prepositions (or complex prepositions) consist of two or more words, usually a simple preposition and another word, to convey location. Some examples are in addition to, on behalf of, and in the middle of. She sat across from Marie.

Participial prepositions :

Participial prepositions or participle prepositions are participles (gerund forms -ing’ or -ed forms). Participial prepositions include: excluding, following, notwithstanding, pending, considering, during, regarding, including, etc. All these participles can function as ‘participle prepositions

Phrase prepositions :

PREPOSITIONS. Prepositions are words which begin prepositional phrases. A prepositional phrase is a group of words containing a preposition, a noun or pronoun object of the preposition, and any modifiers of the object.

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